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I hail from Colorado. I've been a vegetarian for 5 years and when I was 5 my favorite movie was Gremlins. (: xoxo, Olivia


Over the past 3 years, everything that I thought my life would be has been turned inside out and flipped upside down.  Now change isn’t always a bad thing, but even the good changes can be extremely hard to adapt to and cope with.  

Change 1:  3 years ago, my family adopted a 6 year old girl from Ethiopia, Endalech.  Being that she was younger than me, I lost my spot as the baby of the family.  But I gladly gave up my position, because for as long as I can remember, I had been begging my parents for a little sister.  I can’t express just how ecstatic I was the moment I saw my new baby sister for the very first time.  My parents, who flew to Africa to pick her up, had told me on the phone the previous day that Endi would be wearing a pink sweatsuit on the day of their arrival.  I saw that pink jump suit and immediatly began jumping and screaming, “I see a pink sweatsuit! I see a pink sweatsuit!” accompanied by an uncontrolable flow of tears.  Endi emerged from the crowd, hand in hand with my Mom, in her pink sweatsuit blowing a huge bubble.  My sister, brother, and I all greeted her enthusiastically.  She hugged each of us, kissed us on the cheek, and said, “Amaso Gannalo”….I love you in Ameharic.  She backed away slowly, covering her mouth with her left hand so as to hide her smile, and returned to her left hand to it’s comfortable position grasping my mother’s palm.  Now Endi and I have had our ups and downs together, but I would never change one thing about her or our relationship.  I love my little sister. Amaso Gannalo, Endalech.

— 3 years ago

Because you, you take my breath away
know exactly what to say to make my day
and I can’t believe how much you already mean to me
and I, I love to see you smile
I think that you should stay and talk to me awhile
cause everything you say takes my breath away
they say what’s meant to be will happen,
so I guess that means we’re meant to be
because I wasnt looking for love when I met you
I guess that love found me

— 3 years ago
A poem I wrote awhile back…

It only took a week for me to fall for you

Since New Years Eve, the day we met, I’ve been stuck like glue

This may be out of line, some of what I’m about to say,

But I can’t do too much harm being 1,000 miles away

And so I’ll pour my heart out in this letter I write to you,

I don’t ask for a reply, I just want you to know the truth.

Your deep blue eyes, that’s what I first noticed when you greeted me

You were shy at first, but that just adds to your genuine beauty

We talked all night, and what I learned made me like you all the more

And when your eyes caught mine they silently summoned my feet across the floor,

That’s where you gave me the sweetest kiss that I’ve ever had,

I’ve never wanted to feel another’s lips on mine so bad.

You are truly beautiful, deep down to your core,

I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.

You’re my Colorado cowboy, someone I cannot forget,

Because I’ve been in love with you since the first day we met.

And so I’ll pour my heart out in this letter I write to you,

And I’ll hope for a reply saying that you love me too.

— 3 years ago